Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashback Friday: June 2009 Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jane

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jane were visiting my parents this last weekend from Kansas. Last time we'd seen them was the summer of '09.

 Jeff is my mom's brother and that have kids that are all grown up now and on their own. Here's my mom and Jeff.

Funny, but I am actually the shortest of all of their children, with the female just a tad taller than me, and I learned the tallest "boy" is 6'10". I had always thought 6'8"!

They came over Sunday to see the Super Bowl and we all had dinner together, which was fun. Soren loved them, hanging all over them and wanting them to tickle him! They also brought him a t-shirt and this cute laughing cat.

Soren was hanging all over Grandpa too.
It was so nice to see you both, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jane!

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