Friday, May 28, 2010

Chores: How Do You Do It?

Chores, household chores. I hate them. That is, unless I'm in the mood, and then I can go, go, go.

My challenge? Having a 2 1/2 year old. He likes to help, by riding the vacuum, saying "I'll do it!" and grabbing the hose from me (not as helpful), dusts the table, then "Whack!" hits the get the picture. (Okay maybe not this one, because I'm certainly not that limber, and my son weighs about 34 pounds!)

So, I tend to do things during naptime, or not at all, until we have company. That would be Saturday. Yep, tomorrow...I have a lot to do!

What are your secrets to getting your chores done on a REGULAR basis (Is there such a thing?), in a quick manner, and within a limited time frame?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I also really suck in this area...way worse than you I'm sure. And recently I've been doing a little research and putting into practice a couple of ideas. I really do want a tidy house.
    One that I've been doing this week that I feel has made a big difference is obeying this mantra: "If you can do it in 30 seconds, do it right now." So dishes are rinsed, shoes put away, etc.

    And needless to say my hubbie is very happy... ;)

  2. Ooh I like Eileen's idea.

    Um, but, for me... my house is a wreck. I hate it. It makes me angry. Now and then I freak out and my husband will clean a bit, but then the next day it is a wreck again.

    I need help!

  3. The picture in this posts reminds me of you during the limbo contest today :) Minus the broom and small child of course.

  4. Give Soren a rag and show him how to do baseboards.

    Then have him clean the front of the cabinets with another rag... make a big deal of cleaning all of them.

    Give him another rag (or set them out beforehand) and have him clean up the chair that he sits at to eat. Show him how to clean the chair, the floor underneath, etc.

    When he's done with the rags, make sure he knows where to put them away.

    The idea is that while he's doing the first chore, you can vacuum.
    While he's doing the second, you can do dishes, or mop... you get the idea.

    Give him a lot of little things to do that he can't "mess up" and that he doesn't have to use chemicals for.

    And when he's older, teach him about Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets. Jack is 5 and washes and dries his own laundry. He still needs help folding.


  5. I used to make a schedule of when to do things; Mondays were bathrooms, Tuesdays dusting and vaccuming, etc. but I was never able to keep up with it! Now I usually just tackle it on the weekends. I DO have to have the kitchen cleaned and the trash taken out EVERY NIGHT though! If those are done I feel like I can "live" with the rest of the dirt. Good luck!!