Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: Grocery Planning

I look forward to grocery planning each week, and I do it just once a week. My mom always had a "menu" that she created each week and had on the refrigerator so that she, and we, could see what was for dinner each night.
I use this same method, keeping in mind different events during the week that may influence the amount of time I have to cook (or desire to cook) as well.

One thing I do differently now though, is I keep a running list of things I have in the freezer and cupboards on a steno pad, and I take the Tuesday night ad from my favorite grocery store, in this case Fry's, and do my planning from what is on sale and what I already have, to try to save money. It is always a bonus when I have a coupon for an item as well.

On top of this, I go through my coupons to see what is expiring soon, and if my grocery store is still offering the "all coupons worth a dollar" offer. I figure it is best to try to get an item I will need in the future before that coupon expires.

I also do a once-a-week trip to Target, to purchase food and non-food items that are less expensive there than the grocery store. Some time back I wrote down commonly purchased items and price compared to determine where I should buy certain things.

My favorite thing about shopping?
Going by myself so that I can truly think about my purchases, and price compare. I try to leave on time from work on these days, do my shopping, then pick up my son.

It is truly what works best for me. For other great ideas that work, see We Are That Family.

What works well for you as far as your weekly grocery planning?


  1. Awesome post!

    I do the same thing... plan for a week and try to stick with it!

  2. Great method to accomplish what we all must do. I agree with the 'going by myself' part. I know it's been a tough week when I'm looking forward to grocery shopping alone. :) I found your blog and commend you! Good stuff here. I will be back.

  3. I am horrible at this, and I hate not knowing what I'm making.
    Funny thing is, I'm pretty good at being organized for breakfast and lunch stuff. But dinner? I get tired just thinking about it!

  4. I always have great intentions of menu planning but still never fully do it (I have a mental plan---lol). I used to like going by myself, but now that my dd is 11, I like to take her b/c she is a tremendous help :)