Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Place for Me

As a person who loves to scrapbook, but rarely finds the time to do so lately, I often wonder what I can do with photos like this, when most of my scrapbooking involves family and friend photos, and my photo albums are just an extension of my leftover photos I don't use.

Photos like this, however, touch a special place in my heart, my love for the outdoors, again, a place I don't visit frequently enough anymore as the mom of a toddler ("Watch out for that cactus!" Better to avoid than to deter.)

I'm hoping this blog can be a place where I can share my passions and also connect with others who desire to do the same with what they love. I am excited for this new blog, separate from the one I use to share with family and friends, of our activities. This one is just for, and about me.


  1. Love it! Looking forward to reading all about you!

  2. I like the new blog! You guys keep me busy reading all of your blogs, but I love it! Maybe I should start one of my own, but that would probably be VERY boring to read :)