Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WFMW: Routine

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 I have always heard that children do best with routines. So do I, I think!

Ever since my son was born, I've done my best to have set routines for our mornings and evenings (he goes to daycare M-F). Our routines look something like this:

I'm up and I do hair and makeup
I get my son up and changed (his Pull Up)
Start the coffee and get my son some apple juice (1/2 juice/1/2 water)
Make and eat breakfast (usually while I check email or blogs) and he's allowed to bring a toy to 
       breakfast, but not dinner
Teeth brushed, dressed, and sunblock on
Then he gets to watch a show we have DVRed (I've created a verb here!) while I get finished getting
Then I come out, put on his shoes and we hit the road

When we get home from work and daycare, my son gets to watch a show while I make dinner (safer 
      for everyone involved)
We wash hands and eat, then my hubby cleans up
My son helps me put more dogfood in the dogs' bowl
We do a variety of things until 7 pm: art projects, play trains, play on the computer (he's great with the laptop mouse, bath, etc. Quality time stuff
7-hang out with dad while I shower
7:30 bedtime stories and sleep

It works great for us, and he seems to love the routine.

What kind of routines do have set that work for you?


  1. Most mornings, my daughter watches a video while I shower. Of course, for her, that means watching it for a few minutes and then coming into the bathroom to ask, "You done yet, Mommy?" :)

  2. I like the routine of watching a show after school as I get ready for dinner. The peace for me is nice, but even more, they both need the downtime after school. If they come in and immediately start playing or doing something active, they inevitably end up fighting and grumpy. The same activity half an hour later, after a show, will be fun and pleasant for everyone!