Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WFMW: Scheduling

I am somewhat of a structured person. You can say I like routine (although there are those days I feel there are so many scheduled things I want a day to do nothing...).

What works for me is to have set days throughout the week when I know certain things need to take place. For instance:

Mon after work: student blogging club I'm organizing
Wed after work: allergy shots (something new that I have to do for 10 months every week)
Fri after work: grocery shopping
Sat mornings: laundry
Sun afternoon: something fun with the family

That leaves me two days where I can plug in other errands, like a trip to Target or the library (today is library day).

While I would love to just head home after a busy day of work, having a two-year-old kind of forces to me try to get as much done in the hour or so I have before picking him up each day after work, and spend more quality time with him on the weekends.

On that note, how many of you do, or used to tote around your young ones to run errands on weekends? I think I would like to, but I worry that I'll feel rushed or make poor decisions, just trying to keep him from getting frustrated. He's a go-get 'em kind of child, so he'd have to be in a stroller or cart while I shop. I'm sure this will change as he gets older, as I'd love to have him with me too.

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