Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time for 10 Things

I'm thinking it is time for a 10 Things post again, 10 Things I am truly thankful for.

When I'm feeling stressed out and like I can't handle things, in the past, this was THE best remedy, because it helps me realize what wonderful things I do have in my life and to not take myself so seriously. On that note, I will try to look at things and laugh a bit while I write too.

1. I am thankful for the pain on the top of my foot, where it feels like a giant must have stood and jumped up and down. It is either from my wonderful son standing on top of my foot sometime this weekend, while he danced around as I changed his Pull-Up, or it is residual pain from these really cute strappy sandals I wore to a great brunch reception this weekend. In any case, I should be thankful, right, for my great son or a great brunch in cute sandals?

2. I am thankful that I am getting in bed soon to watch two great shows: Entourage and Hung, that we DVR'd. Love those shows and a great way to end a weekend. Okay, nothing funny about that, unless you've watched Hung. Funny concept, especially in my profession.

3. I am thankful for friends who still want to come over for dinner (they are childless), even though we have a 2 1/2 year old. I wonder, really, how much of the conversation involved discussion about our son (do they really care?) and really about topics that interest them. What does that seem like from an outside to wonder.

4. I am thankful that I am in the mood to do a post, and try to get myself to laugh. I was close to tears, and tearful several times this weekend as I let my son let me get frustrated. Don't you hate those moments? I love it when my patience is even-keeled, not just on the brink.

5. I am thankful for zoos, where mommies can take their children when they are on such brink (see #4) so that their child has fun and so do they.
6. I am thankful I'll get to see some of my favorite people back at work tomorrow, having been out since basically Wednesday due to presentations and meetings. They make me smile, and laugh so hard sometimes I want to (well, not want to, but almost just DO) pee my pants.

7. I am thankful that I am so busy that I have to write everything down so I don't forget. I could be jobless in this economy, right, and have to stay home because I can't afford to even drive my car? (Okay, that's pushing it, but I'm trying to gain some humor on this one...)

8. I am thankful for my husband, who this morning, offered to give me a hug when I felt so overwhelmed. His hugs melt my heart and make everything feel right in this world, at least just for that moment. Thank you.

9. I am thankful for the random cash I have lying around. What, you ask? Well, I'm trying this cash only system, and in order to keep things accurate sometimes, I move things here and there with stickie notes, and, well, at times I worry I am going to lose some, or lose my mind trying to keep track of the different parts and pieces of the cash. Okay, maybe that one didn't work, but I guess I'm happy to have cash, or at least money, for my bills?

10. I am thankful, lastly, for being able to find so much to be thankful about. I need to remind myself of this exercise and try to keep perspective.

What are you feeling thankful for today?


  1. I am thankful for the wonderful family that I have made for myself here in Tucson. And of course, the wonderful family that I have back in NY, as well. Even though we don't see eye to eye all the time (or in the case of my brother, at all), I still love them.

  2. I LOVE finding cash in my pocket or on the street! Ooooh, it's so fun!

  3. I love the ten things!!!