Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WILTW: Stress Relief

What I learned this week (and for more, see Julie's blog) was how to cope with lack of sleep and stress. Being a mom at 40 is sure a lot harder, I'm guessing than 20, but I'm so much older and wiser, right?

Some of these are anti-stress related, some not.

1. Feeding ducks at the zoo lake is a lot more fun when there is actually food in the machine. (Last weekend we put money in, only to discover there was no food. How do you explain that to a 2-year-old?)
2. A hike in the mountains can be so relaxing and fun, away from the heat. Anytime I feel stressed, being outside is my best cure. Okay, that's not me, but picture my face on the other side of the receiving end of the pinecone.
3. Reading is relaxing. Okay, not me again, but I think I'm going to attempt to do some reading around my son soon, so we can both relax and enjoy our own books. I found him here one day, all on his own with a book I'd brought home from his daycare.
4.  A digital clock may just help your son understand staying in bed. We're working on 5:20 right now, versus 4:15...AM

5. Non-stress related.....it sure is fun starting a blogging club for early teens. I had a blast with them yesterday and they are soooo excited! The most excited ones are 2 boys too!


  1. OH I'm so glad your club is going well. Send me the url's when they're ready for viewers!

  2. LOL about the duck food. Do they let you bring your own bread?

    And I can totally relate about the "reading a book for stress relief". It's all I do when I am not on the computer!