Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WILTW: Stress and Sleep

What have I learned this week?

1. Sleep habits of a toddler don't change overnight and one can get somewhat used to rising at 4:30 AM every day. That is, unless there are two additional times your child wakes up during the night, leaving YOU then awake and not able to go back to sleep. Last night was one of those. So. Tired. Today.

2. Lack of sleep can make you not function so well. You forget things. You don't do things you should. You do things you shouldn't...it is all a muddled mess.

3. Lack of sleep can cause stress because you just don't keep up with things like you normally do. But, you're so tired you can't even cry. You just complain a lot more and grow tired of hearing yourself.

4. Just because your child goes on the potty in February doesn't mean by the first of August he'll be doing anything that resembles being potty trained. As a matter of fact, another thing I've learned is that little boys can shoot right throw a Pull Up and soak their shorts without even touching their Pull-Up. How on Earth does that happen? Oh, and that doesn't help adding to 4:30 AM wakeups...

5. I learned it is possible to plan too much in one weekend and just want to quit.

6. Lastly, I learned, reading on the Internet at 2:30 AM this morning, that maybe putting your toddler to bed even earlier can help them sleep later in the morning. I am willing to try this!

For more, see Julie's blog!


  1. My boys soiled their shorts several times without touching the pullup or diaper. I have no idea how it happens, but it happened a lot even when they were infants. I hope your little one learns the fine art of sleep. I remember those sleepless nights all too well. Thanks for linking up this week. =)

  2. It's amazing how boys can do that. I sure don't miss those days. I hope that you can get some sleep soon!

  3. One day you'll laugh at this, right?


    Ok maybe not. But it will be GREAT ammo for when he is a teenager.