Friday, November 5, 2010

Seeking Advice

All you moms out there. I need some advice on a number of things I need to get better at:

1) How can you successfully go grocery shopping with a three-year-old (I've been avoiding it, but want to start doing it so he does a good job and has fun too)?

2) Can you only paint your nails during naptime or when your child is in bed?

3) How can you distract your child (or entertain) in the kitchen when you do some extensive cooking?
 (I don't want to promote too much TV watching.)

4) Can you get bills paid and do paperwork when your child is awake? What is a good activity for them to do while you do this?

In other words, I am in a transition, where I don't want to try to shove so much into time when he's sleeping or I need to go off on my own to do it. I want to involve him and/or plan activities for him to have fun doing while I'm doing my tasks too. I'm getting too tired trying to do it all in limited time and want to branch out on my thinking.

Thank you for any suggestions you have!


  1. 1. shop with a list! and make a little treasure hunt list for the little one (with about 5 items he has to find for you). My 4 yr old is into coupons right now - she clips them and looks for the item (with some assistance)

    2. yes (only when asleep) unless you want to give your 4 yr old a pedicure too (which wouldn't work for your situation ;)

    3. I need help with this too. My kids like to "help" a little too much. Stickers and empty notebooks seem to help keep them busy for now (see work bin below).

    4. Sadly, I pay my bills, etc at lunchtime in the office (it is my only quiet time most days).

    I have found some luck in having a special work bin available for my 4yr old (just turned 2yr old is still picking up the concept). It has some crayons, blank paper, letter/number tracing work and a fun educational game. I switch out the work every week, so there is something new to engage her.

    She knows when she wants to "work" she can go get her box and sit at the table all on her own. And yes, all crayons, dry erase markers, etc in my home are WASHABLE.

  2. Only shop where they have the car carts, and then go really really fast, then go to the goldfish asile and open a bag and let him munch on a snack while you shop.

    Then, while you cook, let him outside with a bucket of water, it's like magic!!

    I pay bills while the girls watch Barney or Caillou, hope this helps.


  3. I'm not great at advice, but like Amy's advice on getting the car cart at the grocery store (& strap him in). Also, Kaia's just used to it now...she'll typically get a little treat (like the fruit leathers in the produce dept) while shopping and enjoys the people watching...he'll get the hang of it.

  4. Elizabeth over at Raising Z Boys is wonderful about activities for her boys to do :) check out her blog

  5. I have 4 kids and I don't know the answers to your questions. Just hope for the best?
    That's the way I do it.
    Oh, and just stop painting your nails!

  6. He's probably old enough to "help" with the grocery shopping. Ask him to remember three things for you, and repeat them throughout. Make it quick trip and maybe even promise a special purchase if he's good.
    Cooking? Dunno. My kids watch tv while I cook.
    Nails? I don't usually paint them. But when I do, I do Lilly's too. None of that is helpful to you.
    Bill? Yep, I pay those from work during lunch.
    not at all helpful, but I agree with gianna... just hope for the best!

  7. 1. I always shop with a list for Jack to check off. If you have time, print one out with pictures. If not, just write it would with big capital first letters (find the bananas, look for the B) and draw big squares for him to check off!

    2. I don't paint my nails. I wash my hands too much.

    3. Can you give him a butter knife and some soft fruit? Like a banana? Helping always occupied the boys.

    4. Can you give him a calculator? Just a dollar one? And a legal pad and a pencil. I assume he wants to do whatever you're doing...

    It's not easy. :(