Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WFMW: Doing it all at once

Been eating Activia or Yoplait lately? See their pink lids? My husband and I have been saving up our lids, dragging them home from work (after a good lick, of course), and keeping them in a ziploc bag to enter online (the Activia ones) all at once and send the Yoplait ones in as well.

As I write this - actually, I took a little break to write this - I am putting all my codes in at the Activia site, all at once. It is a great task when you're at home from work with your husband who threw out his back. Isn't that awful? Well, maybe that's why I have the time to do it on a normal busy day, really.

I think that's the trick with things that add up. Keep them and then do it all at once. Works with laundry too, you ask? Well, maybe not so well as it takes much longer, but for other things it can:

*dishes from the day (note I mentioned day, not week)
*sending short email responses
*Christmas cards
*you name it

What do you save up and do all at once?

For more ideas of what works for others, see We're That Family.


  1. This is so very very true. Why did it take me 40 years to figure this out? You're the same age right? Did it take you this long to figure out? I doubt it - I think I'm slow!

    If I check my email all.day.long "real quick" pretty soon my entire day is gone.

    Good reminder!

  2. This definitely works with some things but not others. Dishes, for example, I usually do every 2 days for my family of 3. We rinse them and stack neatly in one side of the sink so they don't get gross. Not only does it take less time per dish to do a bunch at once, but it uses less hot water and soap.

    But if I put things in a To Be Filed pile and plan to put them in the correct folders in my cabinet all at once? I'm not going to do it. The pile will get too big and scary; I'll be unable to imagine ever having enough time to do all that, and every time I look at it I will despair.

  3. I can't answer this because my kids are older... I do things as they need to be done. I'll put off laundry sometimes, but only because I'm lazy :)