Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Rush

Anyone else feeling the rush of the holidays? While I am so excited for this time of year, I feel like every cell in my body is on overtime. It wasn't until 1:00 this afternoon that I was able to stop for a moment, put my feet up and read the newspaper that I'd brought in at 6:00 AM.

Do you feel a little like my son in this photo with Santa, a little skeptical that you'll get all of your own Santa work completed? (Really, he was so happy to be on Santa's lap, and my husband caught him in a moment of thinking about what he'd like from Santa. It was a pondering look.)

I have a few things to check off my list:
1. Cards that I want to mail have been mailed.
2. Presents that need to be shipped are all wrapped and boxed and have their mailing labels ready to be taped on.
3. Our spare room is just about ready for guests.
4. My son got a photo with Santa. (We were supposed to go see lights and Santa at the zoo this week, but he got that terrible stomach flu-my son, not Santa, that is.) Sure, it was at a pancake breakfast, but Santa is everywhere this time of year, you know.
5. Cookies will soon be decorated with Grandma in a few hours.

How are you feeling about your preparedness about this time of year? 

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  1. I feel SO unprepared! That picture is awesome!