Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WILTW: Fun Times

I love thinking about what I learn each week, and it is even funner when I have a moment and I think, "I have to blog about THAT one." Had one of those this morning. See #1.

This week I learned:

1) Arguing with your 3-year-old about who is going to empty the pee filled potty bowl into the toilet, pulling it back and forth, won't get what Mommy is after (her emptying it). Instead, said bowl will be pulled out of Mommy's hands and child will quickly, somewhat "toss" the filled bowl toward the toilet, resulting in pee NOT in the toilet, but rather all over bath toys, magazines, potty seat, floor rug, etc. and Mommy ranting and raving about the situation doesn't change it. Hey, at least he wants to help, right?

2) You may be concerned your 3-year-old won't want to sit on Santa's lap. Instead, you have to be careful that he doesn't pile drive himself into the side of Santa's leg, running so hard to get to him.

3) Your child can wake up and insist you are too, because he needs to take care of things (see #1), and you have to get up at 4:55 AM, 3 days in a row (including the weekend!). Then, comes a school day, and YOU have to wake HIM up. What's up with that?

4) You can want your child to make a cook Christmas decoration, but when he's had enough, he'll stick the foam glitter stickers ANYWHERE but where you want them to end up.

5) Lastly, children sure make our lives more interesting, don't they?

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  1. Thanks for linking up each week. I appreciate it! Your little one and my little one would probably get along fabulously! =)