Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WILTW: Illness

Some weeks are busier than others when it comes to learning, and this week's, well, it was interesting. If you are sensitive to sickness, you may want to skip this post.

Here are a few:

1. Husbands do not, I repeat, DO NOT like it when your son vomits in the back of their nice car (and of course, some hits the front too, as his carseat is positioned in the middle of the backseat.) Julie, picture this happening in your new Saturn. Wouldn't you just DIE?

2. They like it even less when they too, spent the day home sick with a cold as well.

3. You can receive "I need you at home," text messages while you are in an important meeting about 30 minutes away. You try with all your might to hope it can be managed without you.

4. You can receive more insistent texts, and calls, upon the second "getting sick" as soon as the two of them start eating dinner together (while the mess is still in the car) and you really shouldn't leave your meeting.

5. The 30 minute drive home can seem like forever as you call your boss and coworker and plan the following day's work together, as you know you will be staying home with said child.

6. Children of the age of 3 can learn quickly, how to use a bucket when sick.

7. Pulling up the floor rug, sleeping on the sofa, and making a bed for your child on the living room floor can save a lot of mess in the long run. (I did do that, not learning the hard way).

8. In the process of all of this, your husband, while sick with a cold, can also come down with pink eye. (Oh, did I also mention you have a cold in the midst of all of this?)

9. 15 days after having a sore throat, it might be best to get in to see the doctor (going today).

10. Your family (or you) tend to get sick on important days, i.e. meeting, and missing seeing Christmas lights at the zoo. It never fails.

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  1. oh no Suzanne! I'll be praying that you all feel better really soon - 15 days of a sore throat?!?!