Friday, December 10, 2010

Keeping up with the Holidays

Phew! Is there a moment to breathe during this holiday time with preparations, family responsibilities, getting the house ready for guests that will be visiting, keeping up with!

How do you all do it?

I'm off starting the 20th, which will be nice. I can at least get presents wrapped then and under the tree, get doctor's appointments out of the way, hair cut and colored, lunch out with the hubby...oh, you see? It all just fills back up again, doesn't it?

Life must have been so much easier back in the olden days when all a woman had to do was get up at the crack of dawn (I'm already doing that), collect eggs, make food for the family, do the wash by hand, start making a big lunch for the men working the field, tend to the children, make a pie, shuck some corn, kill the chicken for dinner, call everyone in, eat, do all the dishes, get baths...oh.....lots of work then too, just different.

Anyway, I haven't been posting much at all, just focusing on getting the to-do's done. Sorry if I haven't been to your blog lately too, but I'll be back! I hope you are enjoying the season and not feeling under too much stress.

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  1. Same here! Busy, busy, busy... I'm trying to *kick* the boys out of the house for the weekend so I can get some alone time, a.k.a. computer time :)