Saturday, January 8, 2011

5 Goals for my Grocery Budget

I was reading Hummingbird Homemaking blog this morning and her post about focusing on 5 things for your grocery budget to focus on.

I love the idea, and someone named Ben awhile back commented on a money saving post I had, and gave me this link to spending under $100 a week on groceries, very helpful Ben, thanks!

For me, I seem to spend less when I really focus on looking at what I already have, like leftovers in the freezer, so for starters, here's my list:

1. Look in freezer and cupboards and plan menu (I already make menus, so that's good) around what I already have, leaving veggies options flexible in case I can make my sides from the veggies from Bountiful Baskets that I get each week.

2. Check the sales ad (which I already do) and look for things I need and/or regularly use and can stock up on.

3. Check my paper coupons and those online to match products I'm purchasing (I'm so sad that the store I shop at isn't making all coupons $1 anymore...)

4. This is in no particular order, but make a list of commonly used items and compare prices at Target and my grocery store to see which is cheaper. I did this after my son was born, but prices and products have changed.

5. Lastly, my son is now attending a preschool where I have to pack his snacks and lunch if I don't order hot lunch. I'd like to try for new and healthy snacks for him, as well as lunches, keeping in our budget, as this will cost us more each month (hoping to save in gas at least though, as he is closer to my work now). If you have any great ideas, please send them my way!

What are 5 goals you have for your grocery budget?


  1. #1 is crucial isn't it? As soon as I deviate from that I spend a lot more money!

    Thanks for sending me your link - what an awesome idea!

  2. Is Soren not at Childtime anymore? Is he going to the preschool at SVE?

  3. I make a menu each week with the things I have in my cupboard and try to shop for what on sale.
    HOWEVER, I need a sale on hamburger and chicken soon since all I have left for meat is 1.25 lbs of hamburger, 1 3 lb bag of chicken breasts and a gigantic ham.
    I am not kidding!
    I need to come up with 5 rules, too, so that my husband can see that I have a grocery store plan.
    Thanks for the idea!

  4. Great reminders!! I'm a big proponent of #1, and I also never go into a grocery store hungry... or I'll walk out with chocolate cake, or anything else that makes me salivate. :)

  5. #1! I just did that today, and thought, "Wow, I would have bought SO much more if I hadn't made a list!"

    I make a batch of granola bars or buy goldfish (big bag, then I separate into smaller ones), carrot sticks and celery sticks, or edamame :)

  6. Great goals! I took both kids to the store today and Zac was a monster. I need to plan better so that I can shop when I can go alone. I think that will help!