Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WILTW: Sleep

SLEEP.....beautiful sleep. You'd think once your child was three you'd get some. I found over the last week, two different nights, that that just isn't the case. One bad dream, a call to his room, a request for another story.

Back to bed for Mom. 10 minutes later another call, because he wants a different book from the shelf or a certain toy to play with (at 2 AM). Yes, my son sleeps with the lights dimmed because he's afraid of the dark, so he can see all those temptations.

Need I also share that we had company just arrive at 12:15 AM that morning who had just settled in, so I couldn't just let him call out and ignore him?

Soon, Mom (that's me) crawled into bed with him to try to get him to sleep. Lots of face pats, little kisses, talking later (that's him doing it to me, who is trying to sleep), he nods off at 4:50 AM. I must share at this point, he had to be a daycare at 6:30 AM because we were going out of town. Nice, huh, for him and me.

Six days later, the night before going back to work after school break, and said company is leaving for a 6:45 AM flying and needs his rest as well as Daddy who is driving him to airport? REPEAT, only earlier wakeup, and ending up on the sofa because Mommy's back is killing her, feet to feet, finally asleep at 4:30 AM ish, with men supposed to wake up at 4:45 AM. Guess what, alarms didn't go off, and at 5:25 AM, when Daddy woke, people started flying all over the house, frantically, to get company out to airport.

What did I learn? On the nights when you really need your rest, it is inevitable your child won't.

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  1. wowza! That sounds like a nightmare... Glad that day is over right? Merry Christmas, Happy New Year haven't seen you around in awhile!

  2. Isn't that the truth! Sorry Sleepy.

  3. Yep, it's always THOSE nights, when sleep is most needed that it is no where to be found :( Hope you got caught up.
    Love your fun new (ish?) theme!