Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WILTW: Short Memory

This is always such a fun post to write each week. I should take some advice from Julie, who writes this carnival each week, and jot things down during the week to remember. Instead, it is usually compiled of things that happened over just the last few days, and sometimes hours. They say childbirth ruins your memory, but maybe it is just because you have more on your plate to attend to?

This week, I learned:

*Your child can wake you up from your own bad dream where ghosts are trying to pull you into a cabinet with his own monsters in his room (Are our dreams somehow linked?) [Last night]

*Your child can find that screaming/shouting is fun and draws attention, of EVERYONE, and won't be quiet no matter what you try (besides a spank, 'cuz I haven't tried that one...not sure on that one...) and you end up feeling like you have no control over your own, having fun shouting/screaming child in public. [Last weekend]

*A first dental visit for your child can be interesting, and you may LOVE the hygienist who is sooo cute in her magical way with kids. You may not like that they make the lobby so fun with toys that your child doesn't want to leave, but when he finally does, darts toward the street. Again, a failing parent moment as the old man with the dog blocks your child's way and glares at you and him as if you're the worst parent in the world. [Yesterday]

*When your child starts a new school, you may just be more nervous/excited than he is! [Last Friday]

*You may, after seeing some new blog layouts (Julie) want to switch over yourself, but ponder paying a monthly/yearly fee for it. [Weekend]. Love thoughts from people on this one!

*Getting little to no exercise in your life, other than chasing your darting child, can still allow your body to wake up very sore and make you think that that is exactly what you need, exercise again. [Ongoing]. I'm hoping with my son being so close to me now at preschool I could sneak in some exercise before getting him a few nights a week.

That's all I can remember, at least at 6:20 AM on a work day!

What have you learned this week?


  1. I blame all my memory problems on having mommy brain syndrome. Think about it, you can remember every word to his favorite books, movies, theme songs to his cartoons. Know all his favorite characters who the good guys and bad guys are and what they each do amongst the countless other things. No wonder we as mom's can't remember the little things like food on the stove.

    visiting through WILTW

  2. Ok. The blog layout fee is a one-time fee. The header is $75. and the little buttons (twitter, FB, etc) were $50. The biggest cost for me was the actual thesis theme - $200.

    Since you're on blogger, there is no fee for that, but I'm on Wordpress and have a hosted blog. I pay a yearly fee $20. for that and a little bit more for more bandwidth (more traffic) which is funny to me because I don't get nearly the traffic BigMama and Musings gets, so I can't imagine what their bandwidth fees are.

    Jo-Lynne (Musings of a Housewife & DCR Design) did my redesign (she actually did all 3 of my blog designs) and she is very easy to work with and one of the most affordable blog designers out there.

    Thanks for linking up this week!

    Oh, and good luck on the screaming fits in public. We've had our share of those around here. Luckily they are few and far between now that he is five.

  3. I think chasing that boy around has got to be exercise enough! Sadly, I think Zac is heading in that "darting" direction... Lilly never did that! BOYS!