Thursday, January 13, 2011

Does This Count?

So, I haven't had true exercise in THE longest time. Well, ever since work got really busy and I got sick back in May (just allergies/asthma). Today, I am going to join a coworker who is doing the Couch Potato to (something) program where you walk 3 minutes, run 90 seconds, or something like that, for 20 minutes. Hey, it is a start, right?

*OK-correction on that, after having done it...5 min. walking, then 60 sec. run, 90 sec. walk for 20 minutes. It went pretty well!

It seems like it has been even harder to get exercise in that my son is really too big for his stroller now, and I used to take him for walks, at least on the weekend. If we went for walks now, it would be either like a stroll where we stopped and looked at a million things, or a mad, marathon dash to wherever he chose to dash to.

One day again, I'll be able to get out my bicycle trainer and ride it safely (so he doesn't stick his fingers in it) or actually be able to ride bikes as a family. That will be great!

Until then, I have to find those moments of time where I can squeeze just a little bit in. It all counts, right?


  1. Every little bit totally counts! It will get easier... promise!

  2. No way!! I am so doing this same thing. Check out my blog. I have a daily jornal on the C25K tab at the top and its just about my daily journey doing this!! Best of luck to ya! What day are you on? I am on week 1 day 2 just finished it today. Saturday I will finish week 1!

  3. I've heard of that!! Every little bit counts... you don't look like you need to work out- but I know what you mean!

  4. Do you have an exercise ball? It's amazing what it can do for you in very short bursts of time! Another thing that's worked well for us is putting a chin-up bar across our narrow hallway above head height. We can hang from it or pull up on it whenever we have 30 seconds to spare.