Sunday, July 25, 2010

Anybody a Mac User?

Anyone out there a Mac user? Yesterday I was cleaning my keyboard with a slightly damp Magic Erase and since then, I have lost use of many of the keys on the right side of my keyboard! I thought it might have been a glitch since I hadn't restarted in a week or so, so I did some software updates, logged out, and what do you know, can't log back in because my name includes some of those keys that aren't working! Anyone know a fix? Just letting it sit to see if wetness got in didn't work.

So, I'm on an old laptop right now, with no access to any of my normal files, photos, or anything and awaiting my work tech person to help me, seeing as how that computer is my work one. I can't take it to the Mac store or anything. Wow, being without my resources has been VERY rough!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We've had our 4th morning in a row where our son has slept through the night but is waking around 4:30. Better than hours awake during the night, but still a little tough.


  1. You might have to order a new keyboard... I MAY HAVE spilled a Coke on my keyboard a while ago and had to do the same thing.

    Oh, and use canned air to clean it... and MAYBE a baby wipe... but no damp cloths :)

  2. I hope you got it working!