Monday, July 26, 2010

WILTW: Too Much

I learned way too much this week, big lessons that I'll never forget and little things I'll never understand.

1. The latest, tonight, that external hard drives fail, and you can spend an inordinate amount of time trying to save to them (like 4 hours?) until you realize its death has come.

2.  Working on a computer with no backup (yes, I deleted all my old ones trying to make room on my hard drive) is quite scary . My great husband has offered to give me his, but is currently moving files to do so.

3. Keypad on laptops should not be cleaned with Magic Erase and a little water. Yes, I shorted out my keyboard and had to get it replaced today at work (hence all the backing up and such). Do I feel like a schmuck? yes.

4. Even though children finally sleep through the night, their nights are often much shorter than ours when they decide to get up. 4:30 AM has been a trend the last 5 nights. I finally made a "morning bag" in the bathroom to grab and go get ready in our other bathroom so as not to have two parents awake too early.

5. See that sweater in my profile pic? Ever used a sweater shaver? Well yesterday I decided it was looking a bit pilly, so I decided to shave it while I was wearing it. I don't recommend that, especially in a bra with an underwire. When the little shaver hits the underwire, well, it makes holes in your sweaters. Like my external harddrive, my sweater has met its end.

6. Lastly, well, and I don't even want to admit this one, I made a big boo-boo this summer at work and read a colleague's notes in the same way others had written theirs, and this person had done the opposite (not my fault, right?). This caused numerous rearranging of students today and me being VERY upset with myself last Friday. Really upset. You know when you've really messed up but everyone else acts like it is no big deal, but you know it is. Ahh...that was Friday. BUT, a great buddy at work brought me pretzel M & Ms today. Have you tried those? Delish!

7. The biggest thing I've learned (okay, not really, but it is last), is that I am really struggling keeping up with postings and reading my favorite posts due to life lessons and responsibilities. I've had to tell myself it is okay, and that I'll find some balance again one of these days. So please forgive me if I haven't read yours lately. It is taking all I can to check my email.

Frankly, I think I learned enough last week to last me awhile. How about you?
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  1. Found you through Julie's blog. I had no idea what pretzel M&Ms were until right after I read this post. An ad came on and I went Ah-ha! I enjoy your blog.

  2. Oh Life's lessons, eh? You seem to be moving through them with grace though...hang in there!!