Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finding Balance on "Vacation" Time

Where I work, we get a three-week break this time of year each year. I usually work the first week of it, minus Friday. So, that means I have the next two weeks off!

Sounds terrific, but it always brings me some stress too, because inevitably I save all those errands and chores that can't be done with a two-year-old around for that time as well as all the fun things I love to do, like scrapbook, journal, and read.

How does one fit all of that in and not feel exhausted at the end of it? I guess that's how most people feel coming back from a vacation too, especially having a family. Lots of activities and fun, but you need a vacation afterward.

Besides tomorrow, which I'm going to spend grocery shopping and intensely cleaning the house, as both sets of parents are arriving soon (one this weekend, and the other at the end of October), I'm hoping to find some balance.

My husband had a great suggestion, and that is to prioritize the "me time" stuff, like scrapbooking or reading, first thing in the morning, to make sure it happens and I don't run out of time in the day. LOVE the idea!

One thing I do know, is that I need to stop trying to get so much done and instead, fuel up on energy for myself, and treat myself to that "me time" to keep moving ahead in a healthy way.

How do you find this balance? Okay, balance probably isn't the right word, as it isn't "equal", but how do you find time or make time for yourself?

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