Friday, September 17, 2010

Help Anyone? Potty Training Boot Camp

I need your help. My son's almost 3 (early November) and I am ready to be rid of Pull-Ups. Pull-Ups that aren't helping on the potty training front at all. My boy loves his Pull-Ups. Back in February, he first peed on the potty, and was doing a great job, even letting me know in June, that he needed to go. After a trip in July, he has only gone once, and expresses no interest in the potty.

This weekend I'm contemplating boot camp. Potty training boot camp, the every half hour try, give lots of fluids, put in underwear, and WORK IT!

Any suggestions? I've come from the philosophy of "Wait until they're ready", but I think my son knows, and just prefers the mommy time and east of me changing him.

Readers, I'd love your help!


  1. DO IT! As long as you don't have plans for the weekend, that is. Lilly still wears pull ups at night... I'm going to have to "boot camp" that situation soon too. SO not looking forward to it...

  2. Do it! It's hard work but so worth it in the end. And, if you do it with my book, "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers", I offer free coaching throughout the process!

    Good luck!
    Suzanne Riffel, author of The Potty Boot Camp

  3. not a bad idea. GIve it whirl and be prepared to be exhausted!

  4. Obviously I can't help, but I wish you luck!