Friday, September 10, 2010

Question of the Day: Finding Time

As I rush through my morning routine, I think "How do I find the time to...":
*Fold and put away laundry?
*Pick up and put away things from our trip 2 weeks ago?
*Get organized to do scrapbooking one day again?
*Catch up with emails?
*Wash the sheets that are overdue?
*Look at all those great blogs I'm behind on reading?
*Wash or get my car washed, must less really need the detailing it needs?

I know many of you stay up until all hours of the night getting things like that done after your children are in bed, but being an early bird...I just can't. I'm asleep by 9:15/9:30 most nights, and up by...well, I was awake at 4:40 AM this morning because my son was, even though he played alone in his room and I drifted in and out of sleep until I got up after 5 AM.

I really only have, at most one to one and a half hours in the evenings when I can get those "extras" done. How do you do it?


  1. I don't.

    My house is messy.
    My dishwasher is full.
    There is a laundry basket full of clean clothes on my couch.

    You can only do so much.

  2. Becca stole my answer. I don't either.
    But I want to. One of my main things is to keep the house picked up because we live in such a little house that for my own piece of mind and for Chris's as well, we need to keep the floor clutter down to a minimum, but I've got tons and tons of junk stacked in 2 rooms in my house. Or maybe 3. It's awful. And the other 2 things I like to make sure I have is a clean floor and a clean bathroom. The rest of it just gets lost in the shuffle.
    And reading blogs? Well, it's Friday night and I am finally catching up on some. If you have noticed, it's been a long time since I stopped by to say hi! And now since this day has been exhausting, I am going to have me a bowl of ice cream and put EVERYTHING on it. And not feel guilty!

  3. Agreed. It just can't all be done, all the time. My evenings are mine to relax and do my thing... not clean ;)