Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WFMW: Extra Cash for Kids' Extras

I have found a way that works for me when it comes to having that extra cash for those little extras for my son. For instance, I wanted to enroll him in swimming classes last spring, but had no extra cash in our budget.

I decided to hold a yard sale and sell all of his baby furniture, toys, and clothing, things we didn't need any more. I made over $300. I socked it away for those little things we can't always fit in monthly, like those swimming classes, music classes at daycare, and just recently, I enrolled him in a 4-week soccer program. I love that I was able to do that.

I'm still selling some items here and there: a backpack carrier, his high chair, and now his crib. All of that will be put away for extras. I even snuck a little out the other night for a treat from Dairy Queen, since my son had been doing so well potty training.

For more of what works for others, see We're That Family.


  1. What a great, and simple idea!! Boy, do those extras add up quickly, don't they?! I think the Dairy Queen expense was perfectly justified...I do hope it was for BOTH of you!!! The potty trainee, and the potty trainER. :-)

  2. Great plan and it beats going into debt!!

  3. I love a yard sale. I forget how much work they are! But then love that extra money