Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WFMW: Grocery List

Something I do every week, throughout the week, is make my grocery list.

I don't know about you, but when I think of something I need, I have to immediately write it down, or I'll forget it.

I use a 5 1/2" x 8" or so spiral notebook, and make a page for the grocery store, with my menu on the bottom portion, and separate 1/2 sheets for Target and Costco as well, for when I go there eventually.

What works best for me, and is something my mom always did, is to write down the items I need in the general location of where they are in the grocery store. For instance, dairy is in the far right as I walk in, so dairy products are written there on my list. That way, when I shop, I can't miss anything on my list as I go through the store.

For coupon savings as well, I may write "C" and circle it next to the item, reminding myself of the coupon I have paper clipped to my list, or if the store is running a "Buy 10 of these products, save $5.00" type of deal, I'll write "10" and circle it near the item so that I can make sure I've purchased the 10 I need for the savings.

It is what works for me.
Do you have some ways that help you stay organized with your list of needed groceries?

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  1. It's by no means the smartest way, but I take a big black sharpie and circle the sale items I need right on the store ad. I write a C above it if I have a coupon. for things not pictured in the store ad I tend to jot them down on top of the ad, on a crumpled sheet of paper, in my phone...yeah need a better system for that part! LOL
    I have to say, I like circling right on the ad because it keeps me from getting sucked into sales pitches in the store. If I look at the ad at home and determine something isn't that great of a deal, I won't be as enticed by that giant marketing display of the coca cola 12 packs shaped in the form of the end zone LOL


  2. I wish I were that organized! Most of the time I have a list going. Jeremy will now and then grab it and go shopping. Other times I forget stuff, and have to stop on my way home. It's a pain really.

  3. I have to write down what I need right away too! If I don't I don't remember that I used the last of whatever it was until I need it again, and that is always a pain.

    I guess we do several things alike because I also arrange my list according to the layout of the store. It helps me not skip something on the list on accident.

    I like the idea of noting which items have coupons with them. Sometimes when my husband goes to the store I just staple the coupons directly onto the list, because otherwise he forgets to use them.