Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WILTW: Being a Mom and Wife

Whew! What a week of lots of learning. Here are some of the finer things I learned this week:

1. Your child can do well potty training with a treasure box of goodies to choose from. Problems though: the cost and frequency of having to buy new things for it, and when to stop! I swear he is going just to get a treat!

2. Two-year-old best friends can make your child's lower lip quiver and he'll cry when they both shout, "No!" at him playing with them. Makes a mom sad.

3. I am ecstatic Amazing Race is on again! Okay, maybe no learning involved there, except that I think the opening sequence with the host was filmed separately than the actual views of the racers. Did anyone else sense that too?

4. Having jury duty postponed can't be all that bad, in that it was supposed to be last week when I was super busy, and now I have it tomorrow, when I'm slightly less busy (though others have to pick up my slack).

5. Two spouses coming home grumpy from a day of work isn't all that great.

6. Party City's coupons for $10 off Halloween costumes can be deceiving, when it reads, "for costumes $ ____ - $34.99" and the one you want is $39.99. Not to mention some are even higher. I may not dress up this year. I was hoping to, but too expensive!

7. A $.49 horn from Party City can really excite your toilet training toddler as a "prize".

8. An almost three-year-old can have definite opinions about the shoes you buy, and say, "No want "doze!" No went "dem"!" and pull them off on the way to daycare (that is after you have snuck them on while he was watching TV after a prior issue with them).

9. Being too busy during a week and not being able to run your normal errands can make you want to pull your hair out. I'm glad I have some extra to spare!

10. Taking your husband and child grocery shopping can be interesting and your child can put on behaviors you've never seen before. Your child can also eat a banana in the store (way worth your sanity) and you own the grocery store an IOU because you are so concentrating on getting out of the store you forget to have them weigh an extra banana to pay for it.

What have you learned lately?

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  1. I've always wondered that about the potty training rewards. That is why I decided to go the un-fun mommy route and never give prizes, so I didn't have to decide when to stop.