Thursday, October 21, 2010

Case of the Icks

Don't you hate those days, where you go to bed feeling a bit off, slight sore throat, little headache, then wake at 4 AM realizing you really don't feel too good, and to top it off, lay there awake pondering, "Do I go to work, do I stay home, do I go to work, do I stay home?" and never go back to sleep, adding to your not-feeling-so-good day?

I think that may have been the longest sentence I have ever written, but seriously, I could have gone on.

If you're like me too, you figure you'll throw in a load or two of laundry while you're home sick, because it is so easy, only then you realize you still have to fold it, and punish yourself mentally because you'd rather be lying on the sofa or bed, sleeping.

You finally lie down on the sofa, two dogs curled around you, blanket on top and every so often think, "I'm going to sleep soon, I can feel it," and that kind of wakes you up? You lay there for oh, an hour and a half, get really hot under the blanket, feel drugged from sleep or lack of sleep, or this bug you have, and wonder if you ever really fell asleep?

Yeah, it is one of those days today, an "Ick" day, where I just feel downright icky, achy, and not worth much of anything, and I hope a good night's rest will turn all of that around. Afterall, it is Halloween season and our family has so many fun things planned!

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