Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What I Learned this Week

I have learned a number of interesting (at least to me!) things this week:

1) An almost three-year-old boy can be as opinionated about his clothing as a woman my age. Each day he wants to pick out a certain color of top to wear. Today he wanted blue stripes. Hm...we didn't have anything to fit that exactly, according to him, and when he finally did decide, he didn't care for the pink trim on the inside of the polo's collar. "Turn pink off!" he exclaimed! You might ask why I let him be so particular, right, that it is my fault? Well long ago, I started offering him two choices each morning for an outfit, choices I'd already put together. He's just added to that.

2) A movie is never as good as a book. I just finished Eat Pray Love, which in actuality, I didn't love, but thought I'd go see the movie for some me time. It was okay, but the movie producers took some shortcuts and added in some thoughts of their own. Did you see it/read it?

3) I may have a number of days off this and next week, but they can rapidly be filled with things. Too many things (I know that's not a sentence. I'm just trying to make a point).

4) Today my car is scheduled for an intensive cleaning and waxing. First thing my son wanted to do this morning is go look at the stars in the dark sky. We couldn't see any, because the storm clouds have rolled in. Nice for a car wash, an expensive one, isn't it? We all need our money, including the detailer, so I won't cancel. I hope this comes back in my favor one day.

5) Having a child (or maybe it is just my age?) can make you need more sleep and wake up feeling like you've had less sleep as well as having moved furniture all day-the pain in your back and neck-...oh wait, is that from "flying" my 38 pound son around the house and lifting him in and out of the swing set?

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  1. With you on points 1 and 2 - my son will wear anything ..... as long as it's red!

    Never found a film as good as the book, but I live in hope :)