Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WFMW: Looking Ahead

I'm a planner. You could definitely call me that.

I like to look ahead, plan ahead, and fill in my organizer.

One thing I have found that really works for me is to write those things on the side of my monthly calendar that I need to remember to do in an upcoming month, as a reminder.

For instance, as I turn the page to November, I see:
*Condition leather car seats
*Call and make dentist appt. for Feb.
*Make gift for Aunt Pat

It is really the only way I can remember some of these things, and by writing them down the month I need to do them, I can clear out my mind for more important, current events.

What works for you related to remembering dates?

For other great ideas, see We're That Family.


  1. Great idea! I use my iphone for everything, and have it wirelessly linked to my ical calendar for work and home. I live and breathe by it!

  2. Absolute great Idea and my WFMW is about organizing this week!! Stop by and check it out once I post it :)