Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What I Learned this Week: Halloween Time

I think I'm in love with the holiday season (any holiday) have a child. It is loads of fun, but also loads of work too. Here are some things I've learned in the last week.

1. People dressed up in animal costumes for Halloween can be very scary and only Mommy should go near them (his perspective).
 2. Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas can be scary to Mommy, but intriguing to son (his perspective) and call for a High Five!
3. The time spent making a Mickey Mouse shoes and shorts for your son can be well worth it, and having a practice day, trying on the costume and trick-or-treating with Mommy helps.
4. Halloween time can be LOADS of fun as a parent, seeing it through your child's eyes.

5. The theme the staff choose at your work, for dressing up for Halloween, (Toy Story 3), can be exciting, and cause you to have to create yet another costume for yourself in just a few days (well, really nights as a working girl...oh, that came out wrong...working professional).

6. Working on a costume can cause you to miss your favorite shows and have to DVR them, so friends, don't tell me anything about the most recent Survivor, last or this week's and Amazing Race!

What are some things you love or learned about Halloween?

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  1. I really, really dislike Halloween. I think it stems from not liking spooky or scary things. So....

    Steve and I have an annual themed party and I have learned to like it.

    I love Soren's costume... and I can't wait to see yours!!

  2. I LOVE the Mickey Mouse costume! That is the cutest!!

    Stopping by from Julie's. :)