Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I Learned this Week

What I learned this week:
1. First of all, if you type "learned", really quickly, it turns out "learnded" and then you don't appear too learned.

2. On that same note, we went to a new park this weekend and saw these words in graffiti: "bich" and "fuch".....as an educator I think, if you're going to spray paint something, at least spell correctly! I'm glad my son didn't have to spell those out as he does many signs he runs across lately.

3. As the sun starts coming up later, my son is sleeping in more. Like now, it is 5:29 AM, and he is still sound asleep! (Remember those 3:45 and 4:30 AM mornings?)

4. Sometimes pumpkin flowers can be as fun to pick and carry around as the pumpkins you find.
5. Last, but not least, I learned something about myself last week. When I have serious time off, I take it seriously, and do too many darn things in that time. I think that's why people need getaway vacations, so they don't see all that needs to be done at home.

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  1. LOL I so agree with you on the graffiti. At least get it right come on.

  2. I thought I would stop by and say hi!
    So, HI!

    At least your son can't read yet. I remember in 2nd grade I saw sh** when I was in line going into class and I just blurted out, "What does sh** mean?" And all my classmates were so mortified that I just said the word.

    I really didn't know!

  3. LOL at the misspelled graffiti. How absurd.

    Pretty pumpkin flower! We planted pumpkin seeds months ago and we have a minuscule plant that isn't producing anything except the tiniest yellow flowers. Pretty, but disappointing! :)

  4. The misspelled graffiti cracks me up. Jack is sounding everything out these days... I was mad at Blockbuster because they had a poster for the movie Kicka$$, and he asked about it.

    Anyway.. misspelled graffiti. I would be tempted to leave them a note :)

  5. Hey just commenting back and I am a new follower :) I like finding new blogs to follow. I am with you on the graffiti remark and the typing to fast. I tend to type super fast and half the words come out jumbled cause my laptop can't keep up. It is an older refurbished one!