Monday, October 11, 2010

Starting Another Week Off Right...or so I hope

Last week, week one of my break, started off with a free coffee from Starbucks, by taking in my used bag of grounds.

Today, my free Bruegger's bagel and cream cheese coupon helped me get a yummy bagel! Ah...the comforts of great breakfast foods (okay, is coffee a food?) I changed my mind mid-order though, noticing they had pumpkin cream cheese. I wouldn't recommend pumpernickel bagel and pumpkin cheese. Strange, but not so bad.

I have a lot on my plate this last week of my break, and even woke up anxious at all I'd like to do. Really, who DOES that, unless they are going on some great trip or something? I really need to get some "I do and plan too much" therapy. I realize though, I have to blame it all on my son. It is his fault. With him around, I can't do little knick-knacky things like scrapbook, make Mickey Mouse shoes for Halloween, sort through and organize drawers. All heck would break loose, including me losing my mind. I have to wait and cram it all into my break time instead. See, it not really MY problem.

Did I mention I got a free bagel? Oh..sorry, yeah..just took a bite and drank some really good Starbucks, brewed at home, French Roast. Ahhh.... It even feels like fall today, which makes a great start to the week. My car was registering 69 degrees at 8 AM, so I'm sure it was cooler out even when I dropped my son off at daycare.

I hope everyone is off to a great week themselves!

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