Monday, June 7, 2010

Entertaining a Toddler vs. Getting Things Done

Experienced moms out there:

How do you manage getting your regular chores done and spending quality time with your children?

This is probably one of my greatest challenges. I'm a mom who likes to be engaged with her child, and if I'm not, then I went my child to be doing something educational like: watching an educational show for kids (keeping it to a minimum), doing crafts, building with toys, interacting with me doing reading, or educational things on the computer, etc. My husband reminds me that my child can play on his own, which he is getting better at (he's 2 1/2), but I don't feel like I'm really successful at finding that balance. I just feel like I look like this (but as a brunette) at the end of a weekend day (sometimes even by 9 AM!)

There are bills to pay, things to clean, meals to cook (that's usually when he gets to watch a show, so I know he's safe and occupied), and so on. I'd also love to find downtime for myself during the day that doesn't involve watching a child's show or have to happen during naptime. Is that realistic to ask for? I find I hold off on a lot of things on my to-do list until naptime on a weekend, and then that time is so limited.

I'd love to hear your suggestions. :)

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  1. I don't have any suggestions, but I do have empathy! :) I created the bad habit of not doing anything in the hours I'm with my daughter. (I work full-time, so I only have a couple hours between picking her up and putting her to bed.) So now that I pick her up earlier and her bedtime is later, I have more time to cook real dinners and do things like empty the dishwasher. But since I haven't done that her whole life, she freaks out and hangs on my leg! I hope we BOTH find a better balance.