Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Surviving Wednesday Together: 1st Entry

I just found a new carnival, or meme (okay, what is the difference?) with a great theme:
Surviving Wednesday Together.

Some days feel like just that, survival. I know, as a mom, is it nice to know others out there feel like I do. I thought of that just today when my son tried to scratch me because he didn't want me to turn off Bob the Builder for nap. After a warning, he went to timeout, where I sat with him for two minutes. As a mom, I hate timeout, only because I hate my son being upset. But more than that, I hate the behavior that causes the need for timeout. Couldn't we all just be on our best behavior? That includes me of course. I think sometimes I need a timeout myself. :) is naptime, the best timeout for me.


  1. Thanks so much for participating in Surviving Wednesday Together. And your words are great!
    BTW if you are interested I am looking for mommy bloggers to feature - email me polsen11atcomcastdotnet

    Oh and I have no idea what the difference between a meme and a carnival is?? I mean, I am not even sure where the word meme came from LOL

  2.'re not supposed to sit with your kid during timeout. Kaia hates it when she has to sit one minute all alone...making the warnings so much more effective.

  3. then again I guess when reinforcement is needed...

  4. I have told my girls that quiet time is for mommy, too, so yes, I think even mommies need time outs! :)
    Carnival and Meme: synonyms. And I have never even thought of what the word Meme means except that it's kind of a dumb word (there I go, being opinionated again!).